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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Nutritionist & Training Coach

I grew up with two passions, one was wrestling and the other was art. I always had an OCD side to me which was a blessing in disguise that led me to disecting and learning as much as possible about the two. By day I was the focused wrestler, by night I was the obsessed student learning about lighting, balance, and anatomy. I was always amazed by bodybuilders, their muscle, and the way it was an art which the individual used his/her own body as its own canvas. Though in my days lifting weights was frowned upon in wrestling, it was always a captivating site that caught my eye. School soon passed and I continued my love of art. I worked as a commercial artist doing various projects from comic books to concept art for PC games. My wife and I started a family at a young age having two beautiful kids. The balance between family and art and my own free time became a struggle, so I joined a gym.


I fell in love quickly with the weights. I soon began studying obsessively about nutrition and anatomy in a deeper level and also its physiology. A year passed and I decided to do my first 2 shows back to back in 2004. I won my class both times and had a great experience. I honestly never really looked beyond that very serious, as it was still just a hobby at that point. I took a couple of years to build more muscle and returned to regional show in 2006 bigger/leaner and won my class again. Everyone around me thought I should then do a national show but at the time everything was still new to me and I decided to wait another year. In 2007 I did the USA and again won my class. I was beyond shocked and it took weeks for that realization to settle in. I then focused on the 2008 nationals to obtain a procard and that show was the very first time I lost and took a very controversial 2nd place. But it was a blessing in disguise, it lit a fire I never had before and it led me to hook up with one of the biggest names in coaching on the planet. New methods, strategies, and protocols were implemented and I returned to the 2009 nationals and earned my procard. Words still cannot explain that moment. The new plan was to put on a lot of quality size and to make an impact stepping on a pro stage with a whole new physique. I made my pro debut in 2011 and definitely made the impact I was after due to being 35lbs heavier and still peeled. New goal, more size. I returned in 2014 but had to pull out due to medical reasons. But I received my redemption a year later in 2015 returning to stage at my biggest and all time best.


 Through these years and still to this day I have been a constant sponge trying to learn and experiment, and document as much as possible to further my growth physically, mentally, and as a coach. I have now been coaching others for over 8 years now and have been blessed to take part in their journeys to see them grow in all aspects as well. Nothing is more rewarding than to contribute to another's dream. I have presently made the decision to refrain from competing indefinitely for personal reasons and to dedicate my time solely to my clients. I pride myself on being OCD and very attentive to all my clients. I now train over 200+ clients world wide from amateur to pro and from MMA to even the NFL. I can confidently say all my clients are completely catered to with individually based plans covering every dynamic of their plan, including precise directions on diet, workout, and supplementation. NO bs, NO cookie cutter plans, just advanced methods designed for the individual so they may learn from the experience and reach their goal with success on and off the stage.


Height: 5’2"

Contest Weight: 197-200 lbs

Off-Season Weight: 240 lbs

Current Residence: Portland, Oregon

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