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The Pre-Contest Prep plan includes customized training, cardio, nutrition, supplement regimen based on the individuals goals and current state of his or her physique. Mandatory weekly check-in's every 7 days.(2 to 3 times a week as the show gets closer) client is to email pictures including all mandatory poses in his or her posing attire and any questions or concerns that the client might have. This is followed by a phone consultation to assess any issues and make necessary changes or adjustments to keep progress moving precisely on time to end goal. All clients have unlimited communication through email and phone text during this plan so the client and coach communication is always open 24/7 to prevent any delay or impediment that may occur during clients course. The clients health and security is always first priority. This plan is perfect for the bodybuilder or physique competitor or figure competitor that wants to compete or is serious about taking his or her physique to the next level.

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